Dolce Aroma Italian Bakery

Our Carlsbad Bakery is committed to bringing you authentic Italian Baked goods.

We use high-quality, all-natural Italian imported flour and locally sourced natural ingredients.

We feature Italian specialty pastries, coffee, gelato and
gluten-free specialty items.

Our Signature Italian Pastries


The Italian pastry classic is filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, orange peels, and chocolate bits.

an italian style doughnut at carlsbad bakery


An Italian-style donut that features a cloud like dough tossed in sugar and filled with Italian Crea, Nutella or Organic Strawberry Jam. 

sfogiatella, the best selling pastry at carlsbad bakery


An Italian delicacy made with layers of thin, crispy pastry dough that are folded and filled with creamy ricotta cheese and candied orange peel. 

Our Authentic Bakery


Cup of espresso coffee on dark background.
pastries with fresh cream decorated with fruits