In the heart of the region of Campania Italy lies the majestic city of Napoli (Naples), one of the oldest cities in Europe and the birthplace of Pizza and the finest bread in the world.  Our story starts here...I was born and raised in the heart of the city of Napoli and I have experienced the art of making the best pastries and bread the world has to offer.  In 2002 I met my husband who was a Naval Officer in the United States Navy stationed in Napoli.  A few year later we moved to the United States and settled in North County of San Diego.  

San Diego has many Italian restaurants that offer pastries and baked goods, but most of them do not adhere to the authentic heritage of using organic and fresh ingredients that are used in Napoli. Our vision is to bring an authentic Neapolitan bakery to the heart of Carlsbad where the community can enjoy the highest quality of organic and fresh ingredients that are carefully integrated with timeless old world skills passed from generation to generation.